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Our tool-room provides a wide range of service, we are manufacturing:

injection moulds,
blow-out moulds,
injection moulds gas injected,
forms for rubber products processing,
casting dies,
pressure die cast tools,
stamping/cutting tools,
blanking tools,
special devices,
assembly devices,
spare parts for machines and devices,

based on our own design, as well as on design supplied by customer.

The company has been operating since 1970. Long existence consolidated our position on the market and proved that we are worthy our clients' trust. We also cooperated with foreign companies from other countries like Germany, France, Great Britain and USA.

Thanks to highly skilled staff our products are efficient, lasting and reliable which guarantees our clients' satisfaction. Our other qualities are: skillful company management and wide range of provided services. 

Our staff can becharacterized by high qualification and individual approach to every topic and every client. We treat the tasks we are facing as challenges in hich we try to suceed at all cost.


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